#1 — Game Making Tool Research: Adventure Game Studio

Making a game sketch using this free open-source game engine.

Importing background art created by myself into AGS. My illustration website.
Defining the walkable areas of the game sketch in dark blue.
Importing the Pokémon playable character sprite.
Basic scripting the text, “The flower pedestal doesn’t respond” to appear on-screen.
Creating dialogue choices for both the playable character and the NPC to run through.
Merchant NPC has fresh roast beef sammies for sale!

How the game sketch turned out!

TLDR: Summary of my experience using AGS

+ Very easy and fast to pick-up the fundamentals
+ Built-in tutorial is comprehensive and easy to follow
+ Easy to use interface for those with limited programming knowledge
+ Free! Doesn’t require a license to use or publish games created from it

Final Thoughts

AGS is an ideal choice for anyone just getting started with indie game development. The learning bar is quite low and should be fairly easy for all levels of experience to pick up. I thoroughly enjoyed using AGS as my first ever experience in making any form of game. Although this was a brief exercise, I would like to re-visit this again and expand upon this piece whenever time allows it. Ideally, it would be great if I could complete a full game experience in the future.

Jenn Liv is an award-winning Chinese illustrator based in Toronto. Currently she is a MDes Candidate at OCAD U’s IAMD Program. http://www.jennliv.com