• May Kwan

    May Kwan

  • Alvita Szeto

    Alvita Szeto

  • Kurt Noguchi

    Kurt Noguchi

  • Candide U

    Candide U

    Grad student // FOSS Enthusiast // Multimedia Content Creator. Read more at www.thesis.candide.xyz

  • Meredith Sadler

    Meredith Sadler

    ✏️ Toronto-based illustrator, graphic designer, and all-around big time internetter. @mereduck on IG + twitter.

  • Alex M. Chong

    Alex M. Chong

  • Nam Kim

    Nam Kim

  • Nathan Keeys

    Nathan Keeys

    Frontend Developer / Designer / Founder of Digital Anthro. Digital Anthro is UI/UX Studio specialized in React, Vue.js and Shopify App Development.

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