First progress blog post on developing my Master’s thesis at OCADU.

Greyboxing my first level in Unity using ProBuilder.

Starting Summer 2021, I began my progress on developing my Master’s thesis at OCAD University as part of the IAMD program. My methodologies include research creation — allowing my making practices to help inform my thinking processes and creative auto-ethnography. I am interested in using game engines, 3D modeling software, and possibly VR technology in the creation of this piece to investigate my identity as a person of Mainland Chinese diaspora. This blog post documents my progress from 06.14.21 to 06.26.21.

The following is a list of personal goals…

Process of creating the artwork for our final game project.

Final artwork sketched out by Avery Creed, inked digitally and rendered by me.

Two Paths is a visual novel/puzzle game that follows the story of Aisling, a young girl who loses her mother at a very early stage in her life and grapples with this loss through a set of Tarot cards that are passed down to her. This blog post will cover the process that went into developing the final artwork of our game created by myself, Avery Creed, Chan Myae Khin, and Jamie Yuan. Our final choice game engine choice for creating this demo was Twine.

Illustration for ‘Atlassian’ by myself

As a young child, I didn’t start speaking until the age of four. My parents found this alarming and brought me to a speech therapist for consultation. The speech therapist suggested that I was confused from hearing two different languages being used at home — Mandarin and English. She advised my parents to only use one language at home instead to aid in my speech development as a child. As new immigrants from China, their English was still limited to the textbook examples they had learned in their homeland. …

Breaking the rules of Katamari Damacy REROLL

I’ve always had fond memories of watching my friends play the first Katamari Damacy on the PlayStation 2 back when it came out during the early 2000s. Back then, I was still very unfamiliar with the world of video games. Katamari Damacy was one of the first games I had ever come across that didn’t involve guns, shooting, or blood being splattered across the screen. Right away I was attracted to its vibrant world, wonderful music, and uniquely fresh concept.

It wasn’t until my late 20s that I was finally able to purchase…

Making a game sketch using this free open-source game engine.

Importing background art created by myself into AGS. My illustration website.

For my graduate-level Digital Games course at OCAD University with Emma Westecott, we were asked to create a brief digital interactive experience using a game engine of our choice. My choice for this assignment was to use Adventure Game Studio — a free open-source game engine used primarily for creating point-and-click adventure games. I found this to be a great exercise in helping me get over my initial fear of creating a game by myself and demystifying the game-making process. …

Jenn Liv

Jenn Liv is an award-winning Chinese illustrator based in Toronto. Currently she is a MDes Candidate at OCAD U’s IAMD Program.

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